Harvest Robotics

We are AvL Motion, an engineering firm that resolves practical challenges with technical know-how. AvL Motion is a young company that focuses on tackling complex technical problems in a solution-oriented way.

About us

What we excel at
We develop special machines for the food industry, industrial automation and the agricultural industry, but also for customer-based specials. We always develop our machines with realisation and practical applicability in mind. Our working method is typified by the core concepts of quality and a pragmatic hands-on mentality.

AvL Motion is currently developing a selective asparagus harvesting robot. Around Europe, asparagus is harvested in a very labour-intensive way, mainly by migrant workers. The new asparagus harvesting robot will change the nature of the work. The machine will be developed and produced in Northeast Brabant. In response to this development, employees with higher qualifications will be recruited in Northeast Brabant, while fewer migrant workers will be needed to perform the physically demanding work.

For more information about these developments, see the section ‘Asparagus harvesting robot’.

Who we are& what we stand for

Who we are
AvL Motion is a young company that focuses on sustainable development in the food industry, industrial automation and the agricultural industry, but also on customer-based specials. The basic principle is to construct machines with a view to sustainable technology and labour-saving solutions. With this objective, AvL Motion can help businesses in a broad area of operation. Whether it involves advice, practical solutions or a detailed project approach, we are a dedicated partner that gives added value to our customers.

AvL Motion operates from the company’s branch office in Westerbeek. From there, we cover a large part of East Brabant, Southeast Gelderland and North Limburg (the Nijmegen-Eindhoven-Venlo region).

Mission and vision
By working together with the customer, we develop useful processes or technologies aimed at improving future working practices. We do this by making labour reduction and process optimisation accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

Our ambition is to make technology accessible and to achieve solutions that help businesses maintain or improve their position in the market. Because we are a small organisation, we can react quickly and help customers using a structured approach.

Knowledge and experience
AvL Motion has a technical background on at least a higher professional level. This knowledge is supported by relevant experience in the business sector. Our specific knowledge and experience mainly come from the food sector, including asparagus cultivation and market gardening. AvL Motion also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in other mechanical engineering environments, such as bodywork construction, hi-tech engineering, mechanisation and mechanical engineering. AvL Motion has its origins in the business sector, so it can link theory to practice in exactly the right way.

What we doOur speciality

Ourcore values


In cooperation with customers, AvL Motion tries to find technical solutions for practical problems or process optimisation. The best way to realise this is by sharing the knowledge and skill with each other. Then we can act decisively and arrive at solutions quickly.


Reliability is of paramount importance to AvL Motion. A stationary machine is synonymous with rapidly spiralling costs. By guaranteeing reliability, machines can be used sustainably without having to worry about malfunctions.


To realise the best possible performance, a machine must be sustainable and reliable. The quality is guaranteed not only due to the development method but also due to the use of tried-and-tested technologies.


The customer’s problem determines the way we work. We try to achieve a high degree of flexibility so that we can react quickly to market demand and serve our customers quickly.